Louis Dreyfus Company Services Bulgaria set foot in the Bulgarian market in the second half of 2014. Its primary focus was to provide internal accounting and financial services to the different companies of the group.

Few years later, the office grew its Shared Business Line and Center of Excellence with functions, such as IT, Freight, Credit Risk, Insurance, HR and many more. Year to date the company is continuing its growth and is now one of the largest and most valued offices in the European, Middle East and African countries.

Currently more than 400 specialists in diverse areas work in the company to make sure that they provide customer oriented, continuous improving and sustainable services to the growing group.

In 2022, the company launched its first Young Professionals Program, which aims to provide an opportunity to young professionals to kick-off their career by involving them in actual projects and assignments on rotation basis. In addition to that, they also receive trainings based on the personal needs which supports them in the future career growth. With this combination they have an opportunity to learn through experience and to understand better the different roles within functions, such as IT, Freight, Accounting, Reporting, Data Science, etc.

In 2023 a significant milestone was achieved by Louis Dreyfus Company Services Bulgaria and that was being recognized as a Great Place to Work. This comes as a reflection for the great culture, career opportunities, security and dedication of the company to continue not only growing, but making sure that its people are respected, able to grow professionally and are motivated to work for the company.

Office Buzzin’ with the next professionals

  • Hristiyan Paskov – part of the 1st Young Professionals Program in
  • Elena Kasapinova – Talent Acquisition Specialist

How would you describe yourself with 3 words?

Hristiyan: Positive, Ambitious, Hard-working

Elena: Diligent, Positive, Understanding the other side

How did LDC “win” you?

Hristiyan: LDC won me with it’s Great Young professional Program, giving me the possibility to work in a great environment, with many new professionals ready to provide you with knowledge and skill to be successful.

Elena: LDC won me with the humility, culture and respect of people. I have never been part of a company and team where you have a full support by the team and where you have no limitations to develop your potential.

What are the important things for you in a team?

Hristiyan: Teamwork on first place and to have a common goal. To have a good perspective and a realistic view for your future development.

Elena: Teamwork and respect. Mutual efforts for the best performance and results of the team. Receiving a support and trust in your work is also a great feeling and I’m happy for being able to confirm I’m receiving all this.

3 skills you earned through your experience in LDC?

Hristiyan: To be consistent; To have better preventing skills; Better at taking decisions in stressful situation

Elena: Business culture and communication, Time-management and efficiency; Be patient

Could you please tell us something more for the culture within the company.

Hristiyan: The culture in the company is something I have not experienced before, as all of the colleagues are trying to help and support, make you feel comfortable in all aspects in order for you to show your full potential. The company has an approach and possibility to accept and listen to your opinion without having biases.

Elena: LDC is a company where you can feel you are part of something bigger, where you are valued. You have the possibility of taking part in international projects, to be challenged, to work with multinational skilled and supportive teams. A really great place to
work and develop!

  • Dzhaner Shukri – part of the 1st Young Professionals Program in IT
  • Tina Petrova – Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

What for you is important for an internship program?

Dzhaner: The first thing for sure is the transparency, for me to understand from the beginning the main business of the company, who my colleagues and what kind of tasks I will have as an intern. Then the company to be accepting feedback, because I believe that even the interns can provide
good feedback. They are external for the company and can share a different perspective. Finally to have enough opportunities for growth and transparency from the beginning.

Tina: For me the most important thing about an internship program is the right set of balance between on the job training and soft skills development of the young professionals. For me both go hand in hand and are equally important that they are properly balanced, because for me no matter how
good you are in your job or how much you know, if you don’t know how to communicate it, or how to act professionally, it will be almost impossible to develop further.

What do you like most about LDC?

Dzhaner: What I like most about LDC is what we discussed few days ago – acceptance of feedback. What I like the most is when I provide feedback to my team lead, he appreciates that and even asks me to write it down,

so he can translate it further, if it is something outside of his scope. And the thing that most amazed me was when we had the management visits, these people knew about me, even though they were senior, which I didn’t expect at all. I had this stereotype that all the managers that were just below the C-level management, didn’t care at all, but here, they even knew who I was and were interested in my development, even though I am just an intern. And finally, what I also like is that the company started to automatize repetitive, manual work, which is very interesting and valuable for the company.

Tina: I will agree with Dzhaner, the best thing about our company is how open it is for feedback and that your voice matters. There was even one case in the first months when I started, when I shared an idea, I wanted to implement in Bulgaria, they liked it so much that we were able to implement it for all countries on the group. And that’s not the only situation. Every time I provide feedback, it’s not just an echo in a cave, but it actually matters.

What kind of skills you will need, in order for you to be a successful intern?

Dzhaner: For me the most valuable is for the person to have the right attitude and are open-minded are ready to accept the things they will be taught. Manners and discipline are things that each person learns master on the job, but I think it’s important at least to have the basis, so you can further grow. Also some of the things that can be learned potentially from the University is to be ready for all kinds of things, to be flexile and adaptive.

Tina: Here I will complement what Dzhaner said: adaptability, open mindness and eagerness to learn.

How does the company help you in your success?

Dzhaner: As I mentioned in the previous questions – my voice matters, that the things that I perceive or doubt could be correct and for that I receive feedback, which helps me to grow further. Meaning, I climbed the first steps and with the feedback I can continue climbing further.

Tina: It gives me opportunities to try a lot of different things. There is a great amount of trust coming from the managers. When you say that you are interested in developing is some area, they usually try to make sure they give you this experience and grow your expertise in different areas of your function.

What advise would you give the young professionals, who are now in the process of
looking for an internship?

Dzhaner: I would advise them to try and not to quit on the page of the requirements. They shouldn’t stop when there are hard tasks. They would put high goals and never stop. Trying constantly is the key and they shouldn’t put hurdles in front of them. There are no impossible things, there is time, it will happen. Be consistent.

Tina: I would advise them to try and not to quit on the page of the requirements. They shouldn’t stop when there are hard tasks. They would put high goals and never stop. Trying constantly is the key and they shouldn’t put hurdles in front of them. There are no impossible things, there is time, it will happen. Be consistent.