We are Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) – a dedicated team of 42,000 people, serving customers in 31 countries, who work together to make, move and sell some of the world’s most loved drinks. We are a global business and one of the leading consumer goods companies in the world. We help our 2.1 million customers grow, and we are constantly investing in exciting new products, innovative technologies and fresh ideas. This helps us to delight the 600 million people who enjoy our drinks every day. We are successful because we are passionate, hard-working and committed to our products, our customers and each other. CCEP is a place where people can grow, be happy and be well in a safe, open and inclusive workplace. We are proud to give back to the communities we are part of. Because beyond delivering results for customers and shareholders, we are determined to build a better future for people and the planet.

Our Sofia office is home to a large part of our Finance Shared Services teams, Robotics, Procurement and Finance Planning and Performance Management Centres of Expertise, a Data & Insights Services Team, and People & Culture, Business Process and Technology, Legal and Facilities teams.

Our office in Varna, which opened in 2019, is located close to the Sea Garden and comprises the remainder of our Finance Shared Services activities. In Bulgaria, we are an ambitious team, made up of about 18 nationalities, speaking more than 15 languages. Many have lived, studied or worked abroad and brought elements of their host country culture back with them, which enriches further our working culture. 70% of our senior manager + positions are held by women (ahead of our 40% company target). We have a strong focus on Inclusion & Diversity across five main areas, Culture & Heritage, Disability, LGBT+, Multi-Generations and Gender.


Kristianna Atanasova
Yoanna Georgieva,
Emil Kaprelov
Veselina Topalova

Interviews Talent Acquisition Team

What skills Coca-Cola Europacific Partners in Bulgaria would want to see candidates demonstrate? If so, what would these be and how do you think candidates could demonstrate these in applications, assessment centers and/ or interviews?
CCEP Bulgaria has a long-term vision for development within Finance being such Shared Services Center. In addition we will continue to develop and look for bright new joiners in Robotics, Finance Planning and Performance Management Centres of Expertise, Procurement, Data & Insights Services, Internal Audit & Internal Control, People & Culture, Business Process and Technology teams. We’re interested in candidates with a strong desire to learn and build themselves as professionals.
This is important because we invest time and effort in our people’s learning and development. Most of our leadership roles go to employees who are willing to move around and across the business. In addition, we focus on soft skills. Not just subject matter experts, but candidates with the skills to become successful mentors, team leaders and people managers. Those who are good with people as well as processes.

What would Coca-Cola Europacific Partners look for on a CV to demon-strate a strong candidate?

Relevant experience is always a good start, but many students can’t get this until they graduate. However, they can attend online classes and webinars, and highlight any extracurricular activities, interest groups and seminars they’ve attended. They should check the skills needed for the role and build their CV around it, linking their personal qualities to what they want to achieve in the future.

Boosting their Microsoft Excel skills is always a good idea. Fitting in with a company’s culture is another major factor. For example, our culture in CCEP is defined by how we work as individuals, with colleagues and with customers. Therefore, we have our five ways of working:

  • Focus on Customers & Frontline
  • Listening & Caring
  • Passion for Growth
  • Empowered to Win Together
  • Execute with Speed & Agility”), which help bring our culture to life.

What advice would you give to students about networking effectively online? Is LinkedIn still the go to platform for connecting with employers? Networking isn’t about how many connections you have on social media, but how you interact with those people. Have a clear idea of why you are approaching someone and do your research. Be authentic, show interest and ask questions, but be patient and give them time to respond. Try to engage with presenters at webinars – it’s a good way to attract attention to yourself. Your personal brand is a long-term investment, especially in the Bulgarian labour market, so focus on your development and attitude. LinkedIn is still an effective way to network online. But don’t limit yourself to using the channel to contact employers. Build an impressive profile, connect with thought leaders, follow the market trends in the industry you’d like to develop. It’s important to use other platforms. For example, Facebook isn’t just for fun but serious discussions. Many businesses have a local page on different channels – it’s way to interact, follow news and attend online events.

My name is Silviya Urumova and I’m 31 years old. I have a bachelors degree in Economics from “University of Economics” in Varna. The last 2 years before starting my journey in CCEP I was in parental leave, dedicating my time to my son.

Could you share your experience concerning
your application and recruitment process in the

I found out for CCEP from my close friend who was working there at that time (and still). She reffered me and soon after that I received an email with explanation of the next stages of the application process. The interview and the practical part of the hiring process were very interesting and challenging for me because it was different from my previous job experience. After I was approved to be part of Internship program 2023 I felt very motivated to learn and develop in that company.

How you access the collaboration with your mentor?
The Mentorship program is very useful, because through conversations with your Mentor you can enrich your view of the company structure, processes and departments. I had (have) a great mentor, we met regularly and talked about everything and I felt like I have earned one more friend.
What gives you inspiration in Life@CCEP?
The whole concept of the company CCEP is inspiration itself. The priorities and purposes of the company makes me feel like I am part of something big and significant. The environment in CCEP is very dynamic and gives you the chance to develop yourself and to find the role that fits your personality.

My name is Monika Todorova, 24 years old. I grow up in Varna and live here. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in “Accounting and Auditing” and master’s degree in “Finance and Innovation” at University of Economics in Varna. Before joining CCEP in 2023 as a part of an internship program, I worked for a while in an accounting firm.

Could you share your experience concerning your application and recruitment process in the company?
I came across the internship opportunity through a job ad in an online platform. I heard great reviews about the company and I needed a new experience and a new positive start in my life. Тhe selection of interns went through several steps. I had never applied to a large, foreign company before and a lot of things were new and unfamiliar to me, but with friendly attitude and helpful guidance of the HR team, I had no difficulties with the application and the steps after that.
After the end of the internship program, I am sure that CCEP is the place where I want to continue developing and gaining new knowledge and skills.

Please share useful tips for your successful adaptation in Coca-Cola Europacific Partners?
As useful tips I would say first of all feel free to ask questions! Foster good relationships with your colleagues, manager, and team members. Effective communication and collaboration are key to success in the company. Stay open to learning and adapt to new technologies and processes. The ability to acquire new skills is invaluable.

Be proactive in seeking feedback on your performance. Constructive criticism can guide your growth within the organisation. A key point of a successful adaptation, in my opinion, is to be a team player, be useful to your team, be ready to adapt and take on new responsibilities when needed.

How you access the collaboration with your mentor? The Mentorship program is a great initiative which is really helpful for new-starters in CCEP. My mentor is from Sofia, we arranged online meetings once a
month. He has been with the company for 10 years. It was very inspiring to hear his story and growth in CCEP, whereafter we discussed my development in the company, my objectives and future plans. I updated him on my experiences, achievements, and difficulties if I had any. Sharing your journey helps your mentor offer more relevant guidance.

What gives you inspiration in Life@CCEP?
Positive integrations with colleagues and the opportunity to work as part of a collaborative and supportive team is a source of inspiration for me. A positive and inclusive workplace that fosters collaboration, creativity, and a sense of belonging. Knowing that there are opportunities for advancement and career growth within the company. And last but not least a healthy work-life balance in CCEP, which allows individuals to pursue their passions and interests outside of work.

My name is Entso Atanasov, 22-year-old student of Finance & Accounting in UNWE, currently I’m in my 3-rd year of education and since I joined CCEP intern’s program in 2023 I’ve been doing a pretty challenging collaboration between my job and the university.

Could you share your experience concerning your application and recruitment process in the company?

I was searching for a job, when a friend of mine who was already in the company told me that CCEP is a great place to start my career journey, while practicing the craft I’m currently studying. I applied for a position with a CV. Then I got invited to participate in a workshop where other people and I went through a quick overview of the company and then we were given some task to do to. A few interviews later, for different positions I chose the one that would fit me the most. After that the recruitment process when pretty well, and I found myself in a friendly environment with people always ready to help and improve.

Please share useful tips for your successful adaptation in Coca-Cola Europacific Partners?
One of the most useful tips I want to give is: “don’t be shy”. Make as many connections with people as possible, go on every event, ask questions, and if you have ideas, don’t burry them for yourself, but share them with your team. This is the best way to be recognized.

How you access the collaboration with your mentor?
The mentorship program was something really interesting that I didn’t expected. It definitely gives you the opportunity to loosen up, ask all your ‘dumb’ questions (btw there is no dumb question), share thoughts and views, and most definitely receive great advice.

What gives you inspiration in Life@CCEP?
Inspiration is something you cannot find everywhere, and also everybody is inspired by various things in life, some by nature, other by people. In CCEP you can find both, as the office is at the food of Vitosha mountain, that gives you access to great landscapes, fresh air, and ground to work out, as well as, the office design is kind of stunning. Also, when it comes to people, there are definitely some that you can learn a lot from and get inspired by.